Company Profile

  • Precision Motors, Gearheads, Brakes & Clutches and Actuators

    Island Components designs and manufactures the highest- performance small electromechanical servo-actuators and rotating components in the precision motion industry (see Rotary and Linear Actuators). We provide our aerospace, defense and industrial customers with advanced design capabilities, cost-effective solutions and superior customer service. We are a valuable resource during the early stages of design development.

    We provide the basic components: motors and drive systems, feedback sensors, gearheads, clutches and brakes, and electronics for sophisticated higher-order assemblies and actuators, including rotary and electromechanical actuators, man-machine command systems and complete motion control servo systems. We offer optimal product design, quality, reliability and integrity on all of our components, from our DC brushless motors to hall sensor controllers, and so much more! We are certified to ISO9001-2008 and meet MIL-I-45208 quality procedures. We have completed the initial stage of our Lean Manufacturing journey, but as you know, the journey is a continuing one. We perform soldering certified to the IPC-A-610 program.

    We have all the engineering disciplines required for designing complex small actuation systems. We provide prototype modeling to a fully functional prototype. We maintain a prototype system and dedicated model shop to provide you with a complete understanding of your electromechanical actuator prior to production commitment. Contact us or see our Research and Development page to find out more. You can also fill out our RFQ page.