Recent Special Applications

 Island Components Group - Low inertia DC motor assemblyLow-inertia DC motor with integrated tachometer and speed reducer
(harmonic drive) for military and commercial shipboard stabilization applications:
  • Used for continuous operation in underwater gyro designs
  • Approximate diameter 6 in.; length 8 in.; weight 30lb. maximum
  • Corrosion resistant(can be designed for seawater resistance)
  • Operating temperature -30°C to +90°C
  • Output torque 620 in. lbs.
  • Speed 20 rpm
  • Tachometer output 6 volts per 1,000 rpm
Island Components Group - Silent Stop Failsafe Brake for medical prosthetics
Silent Stop Failsafe Brake for medical devices, with a compact pancake design for use with artificial limbs:
  • Provides silent operation during engagement and slipping phases
  • Diameter 1.8 in.; length 0.47 in.
  • Torque 18 oz. in.
  • Low-power usage and low-heat operation
  • Modelled to ensure correct and reliable system operation with our motors and other components for medical devices


Island Components Group - Motor/Brake/Gearhead Package
Handheld Brushless DC Motor with Brake and Gearhead
  • Capable of running cool (at touch temperature) while delivering more than 200 in-lbs of torque.
  • Designed for high efficiencies on both the motor and the gearhead
  • Special fin configuration for low temperature rise even after rigorous duty cycles
  • Power output of about 1/2 HP
  • Electronic board, internal wiring and construction designed to meet the highest level of EMI standards.
  • Weighs about 7 lbs.
Island Components Group - 120VAC Induction Motor/Gearbox - U.S. Navy
120VAC Single-phase Induction Motor/Gearbox driving essential U.S.Navy auxiliary equipment per Mil-M-17059A(SHIPS) Service A:
  • Continuous operation in ambient air over a very wide ambient temperature range, -40oC to 150oC
  • 150rpm; 100 oz.-in. torque
  • 2in. O.D. x 7.75in. length
  • 2lb. weight
  • Ease of control with just two-or-three-wire 120VAC excitation for single direction or reversible operation
  • resistant to seawater exposure
Island Components Group - High-reliability 24VDC brushless motor/controller
High-reliability 24VDC Brushless DC Motor/Controller:
  • Finned brushless dc motor is self-cooling
  • compact, long-life, high-speed workhorse
  • Drives automated mail sorting systems in large government agency's distribution centers nationwide
  • Drive electronics designed to limit torque and current
  • Provides system performance feedback to a computer.
  • Negligible field returns confirm the unit's high reliability.
  • Suitable for commercial/military applications.
  • Length 3.5in;, weight 23oz., diameter 2in., speed 14,000rpm.
rotary electromechanical actuator Limited Rotary Actuator for Underwater Vehicles BLDC Motor, gearhead, electro-mechanical brake, limited stop and electronic drive system; high-reliability - can be designed for military and commercial applications.
Unit weight 36lbs.; diameter 5.5in.; length 16.5in.
frameless brushless dc motor Frameless Motor Frameless BLDC motor moves fins on a military missile.
Outside diameter 0.84in.; length 1.25in.
linear electromechanical actuator Linear Actuator
  • Universal brush motor
  • Acme screw
  • Worm gear
  • Right–angle drive
  • Limit stops
  • Linear stroke 3in.

precision gearhead, bushless dc motor and synchro Gearhead, Brushless Motor & Synchro
  • Diameter 1.5” maximum, 6” long. Output shaft 3/8” diameter from gearhead.
  • At 1500rpm, spur gearhead/motor puts out 7 in./lbs. continuous torque with 2 amperes maximum current. Efficiency 70% minimum.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials utilized; unit operates while immersed in hydraulic fluid.
  • Operating temperatures 160C; integral high-temperature synchro used for commutation, which operates at 5V and 5000Hz square wave.
  • The unit withstands 20Gs(50-500Hz) vibration and 100Gs shock.

rotary electromechanical actuator Rotary Actuator
  • 200° C Temperature Range
  • Pressure Environment 20,000 PSI. Oil Filled

flight control electromechanical actuator Flight-Control Actuator Bldcm, planetary gearhead(450:1 ratio), fail-safe brake, SS side-connector for EMI shielding & wire integrity & protection, electronics; Inbuilt custom glass-encapsulated temp. sensor; 40in.-lbs. rated torque; size 1.25”x 3.5”; 0.75lb. wt.
aircraft electromechanical actuator Aircraft Actuator
  • Bldcm & Brake Ass’y;
  • Size 2.5”x 3”; wt.2.5lb.
  • 500w+ @ 12,000 rpm
  • Inbuilt temp. sensor
  • SS connector housing for EMI shielding(MIL-STD-461E) and wire integrity and protection for enhanced reliability

high performance induction motor High-Performance Induction Motor Used in aerial firefighting applications.
  • Dual speed output: 3,400rpm/1,750rpm
  • Weight 15lbs.
  • Diameter 5 in.
  • Length 5.7in.

rotors and stators for aerospace Rotors and Stators for Various Aerospace Applications
  • Size ranges from 0.437in. to 18.0in.